Solar Telescope Online

Part of the telescope array in our observatory is a 60mm Lunt Solar telescope with a hydrogen-alpha filter.  The solar telescope has the ability to view the Sun directly, and an Atik Infinity CCD camera captures the images.

The hydrogen-alpha filter is an integral part of the telescope, and filters out all light except for a very narrow slice of the visual spectrum centered on the frequency of light associated with electrons in atoms of hydrogen dropping from a high energy level back to their original orbits in the atom.  The hydrogen-alpha wavelength is 656 nm.

When you look at an image of the sun through a hydrogen-alpha filter, solar prominences, flares, and convection cells become visible.  The latest image on the Wall Township Public Schools Observatory page features a close-up of the solar disk and a moderate-sized solar flare visible at the lower-right corner of the image.

More solar images will be posted as they become available.  We are also planning on a live video stream from the solar telescope, which should be available soon.

Jeff Janover began his career as a structural engineer in the nuclear power industry. He worked as a Professional Engineer and consultant, performing computer-aided finite element analysis on a wide range of projects, and delivered seminars on advanced dynamics to many engineering firms. Mr. Janover is the Director of Technology with the Wall Township Public School System. His hobbies include tennis, scuba diving, amateur radio, and Olympic archery. Mr. Janover is married, has four children and two granddaughters, and lives in the Middletown, New Jersey area.