Wall Foundation Funds New District Observatory

Last year, the Wall Foundation for Educational Excellence decided to help our school district fund an astronomical observatory for use by its students, parents, community members, and other school districts.  On Friday, March 8, at the Foundation’s annual Tropical Escape, the district was presented with a check for $20,000 as the first installment toward project funding.  This enables us to begin the installation of the observatory, which will be located atop one of the district’s schools.  “Students on the roof?,” you may ask!  Not at all.  The observatory will be fully controllable via web browser, enabling our astronomers the opportunity to request telescope time, take control of the observatory at the scheduled time, point the telescope array toward their desired target, and take digital images that can be downloaded and studied.  The telescope array will include a large Ritchey-Crétien astrograph telescope with digital CCD imaging camera, a large refractor telescope with real-time video imaging, and a solar telescope with a hydrogen-alpha filter for save viewing of the sun, including solar flares.  Check back often for more information on this exciting project, which will open whole new areas of research for our students.



Jeff Janover began his career as a structural engineer in the nuclear power industry. He worked as a Professional Engineer and consultant, performing computer-aided finite element analysis on a wide range of projects, and delivered seminars on advanced dynamics to many engineering firms. Mr. Janover is the Director of Technology with the Wall Township Public School System. His hobbies include tennis, scuba diving, amateur radio, and Olympic archery. Mr. Janover is married, has four children and two granddaughters, and lives in the Middletown, New Jersey area.