What a Great First Day!

We are happy to share that it was a fun-filled, exciting day at Wall Primary.  The students were happy to see their “old” friends and meet new ones.  Sharing blocks, train tracks and dress-up costumes are real ice breakers for children, and there was a healthy buzz of activity in all classrooms.  Some children took time exploring a new environment, while some just jumped right in, and found their favorite centers and activities from last year.

If your child is not yet sharing verbally about his day, our communication books (the marble composition book in the backpack) will help provide some of this information.  Please write back to the teachers so that we can learn more about your child and encourage him or her to talk about themselves, and their day to day experiences outside of school.

These first days and weeks can at times be anxiety producing for both parents and children, although very few tears were shed today.  Actually, I should more accurately say, “by the children, at school.”  I am sharing a few articles on easing that separation after a summer of togetherness, or if it’s your child’s first experience being away from you.




The staff is looking forward to tomorrow, and welcoming your children back for Day 2 of what promises to be a wonderful year of  learning, and growth.