Parent University

At Wall Township we value the partnership between parents and the schools! A strong working relationship is critical to the success of our students and our community. Parents have shared with me that they would like to understand more about the curriculum in the district and programs that we offer so that they can be more involved in supporting their students academically, socially, and emotionally during their public school education. This webpage has been created to assist parents in that endeavor. All events that would be considered ‘professional development’ for parents will be listed here. These events will also be designated on the district calendar with the preface WPU and will be easily identified by the grey background. Some events are limited to a specific school or grade level due to space limitations. However, parents of WIS students might be interested in attending WHS programs and parents of elementary students might be interested in attending both WIS and WHS programs. I encourage you to learn as much as possible about our programs in Wall Township and feel free to follow up with questions. The list of programs will be updated frequently, so please check back periodically!

Welcome to Parent University!

Posted on 13 Sep 2016