Thanks from our WIS PTO!!!

Hi Intermediate School parents:
Thanks so much everyone for coming out to Chipotle last Wednesday.   Wall Intermediate PTO made $814.53.  
Thanks to everyone that waited on line or picked up dinner to be sure their meal was counted.   We are also very
appreciative to Chipotle for being so generous with their 50% contribution and allowing us to do two fundraiser’s this year.
Total contributions for the two successful fundraiser’s from Chipotle now total $2,371.04 for the 16/17 School year. 
Thanks again so much!!!
Wall Intermediate PTO
Erin Embon
Erin Embon, a former student of Wall Intermediate School, has been a teacher and an administrator in Wall Township for 25 years. She taught all levels of mathematics at Wall High School for eleven years and then went on to become the Math and Business Supervisor. Most recently, she served as the K-12 Supervisor of Instruction. She is thrilled to be at the Intermediate School as the building principal.