High School – Transition Information

  • Dear Students and Parents:

    Wall High School provides meaningful educational experiences and opportunities for our students, with the goal of ensuring that all students are prepared to become productive citizens, informed decision makers, and life-long learners. Wall High School achieves this goal by challenging students with a rigorous academic schedule as well as opportunities to participate in community service, athletics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Wall High School is proud of its role in the development of competent, well-rounded individuals who are prepared for an ever-changing society.

    The Class of 2021: Transition to WHS webpage provides information that will assist you in making an informed decision about your freshman year. We have also provided opportunities for you to reach out to administrators, parents, guidance counselors, and students with questions via the webpage.

    The high school curriculum is available via the district website through an online database called Atlas Rubicon. Please visit the district website to view the Curriculum maps for each course. Curriculum mapping is a calendar-based method of organizing and planning what is being taught in high school courses at specific points during the school year. Our curriculum maps include enduring understandings, essential questions, content, standards and skills.

    The school environment is one that is rich in tradition yet challenging and innovative, focusing on each student as a unique individual. A multitude of course offerings enable our students to develop their personal interests, strengths, and talents. The high school operates on an A/B block schedule, affording our students 84 minutes of instructional time per class. Our teachers prepare and implement meaningful, creative, and challenging instruction in the block schedule and our students are excited to learn.

    Each school day, students have a 51 minute unit lunch. During the unit lunch, students can purchase lunch at 3 locations: the cafeteria, the auxiliary gym, and the express window in the front of the South gym. Students can eat their lunch in a variety of locations including the cafeteria, gymnasium, and the auditorium and as a senior privilege, the courtyard area outside the media center. During the unit lunch, students can utilize the media center for computer access or a quiet place to work. The unit lunch period also affords students the opportunity to seek extra help from teachers, attend various club activities, seek counseling services, or meet and talk with friends. Students may use their cell phones during the unit lunch. We have found that the new freedoms and privileges the block schedule has afforded our students are appreciated and respected by our students.

    At Wall High School, parents are an integral part of our school community. Keeping open lines of communication and accepting feedback are crucial to a successful home school connection. We have an active parent, teacher, and student advisory committee who worked cooperatively to provide meaningful feedback to the administration about our school.

    Please utilize the contacts and resources listed on this webpage. If I can assist you in any way, please contact me at 732-556-2048 or at rsirchio@wall.k12.nj.us.

    I welcome the class of 2021 as you begin your journey through high school.

    It’s a great day to be a Knight!

    Rosaleen A. Sirchio

    2017-2018 8th to 9th Information Testing Letter
    2017-2018 Program of Studies
    Class of 2021 Counselor Breakdown
  • Welcome Students and Parents of the Class of 2021!

    We are looking forward to your arrival in September, 2017! Believe it or not, it is time to start the placement process for high school. It is our hope that this page on our website will assist you through this part of your transition to Wall High School.

    As you may know, we offer both College Prep and Honors level courses for our incoming freshmen. We want to ensure that you begin on the path of success that best meets your needs. In order to do that, we have developed a fairly extensive placement process. We have created this specific link on this page to help you navigate through this part of the transition.

    Each of the documents listed here contains valuable information to assist you and your parents as you begin to develop your academic plan for the next four years. Please read through them and jot down questions you may have. Questions can be entered on our “question link.”

    We hope you can join us on January 10, 2017 for our academic planning night. We will be addressing the documents listed on this page in more detail. You will have an opportunity to ask additional questions as well. Please ask for help along the way, as we know the transition to high school can be at times overwhelming.

    We hope that this helps to answer some of your questions. As always, if we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to call.

    Laura Kurmin
    STEM Supervisor

    Tracy Skinner
    Humanities Supervisor

    Nancy Samaha
    Supervisor of Special Education

    2017-2018 8th to 9th Information Testing Letter
    Class of 2021 Honors Placement Criteria
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    Class of 2021 Placement Eligibility Form
  • Dear Students and Parents:

    Students who are accepted into the Wall High School Business and Finance Academy will tailor their elective choices to a focus on business and finance. They must take a minimum of 20 credits of mandatory business courses and successfully complete an internship during the summer between their junior and senior years. Community business leaders partner with Wall High School by securing internships, shadowing experiences, volunteering in classrooms, acting as mentors and serving on our Advisory Board. Students in the WBFA will have opportunities to shadow business professionals and to fundraise and work in our school store, which is “owned and operated” by the WBFA, to participate on field trips and to partake in community service events. Professional development workshops are also provided for WBFA members through our Academy Knights program. Students who complete the program will be graduates of the Wall High School Business and Finance Academy and will receive a “Certificate of Business and Financial Studies” as well as a medal to wear at their Wall High School graduation ceremony.

    Please feel free to email me at lmossa@wall.k12.nj.us if you have any questions.

    WBFA applications have been extended to Friday, 3/31.


    Mrs. Lindsay Mossa, Director
    Wall Business and Finance Academy

    Class of 2021 WBFA Directors Letter
    Class of 2021 WBFA Evaluation Rubric
    Class of 2021 WBFA Information Flyer
    Class of 2021 WBFA Personal Essay Rubric
    Class of 2021 WBFA Student Application
  • Wall Pre-Engineering Academy

    Dear Prospective Academy Member:

    Thank you for your interest in the Wall High School Pre-Engineering Academy! We are currently in our fourth year of existence and have academy members in all four grade levels. Our first class of students are now seniors and we are extremly proud of their accomplishments. The academy has made great strides over the past several years and the future is very bright for our newest incoming class.

    From the mid-1980s through 2007, the number of college undergraduates in the United States enrolling in a four-year program in the engineering and related math and science fields was flat or on the decline (National Science Foundation, 2012). This figure has only recently begun to swing up and the U.S. is experiencing an increase in the number of engineering graduates for the first time in decades. However, during that same time period, the number of graduates in these fields has been steadily increasing in other parts of the world, such as China and India, allowing those nations to take over a larger percentage of the technology and engineering related industry. Reversing this trend in the United States will require the focused efforts of those in the engineering supply chain – the K-12 education system, the Schools and Colleges of Engineering, and local Industry leaders.

    The Pre-Engineering Academy at Wall High School was conceived in the Fall of 2012 as a means to begin addressing the declining pool of engineers beginning at the high school level. The four-year curriculum includes specific math, science, and engineering coursework at each grade level. The early exposure and strong preparation should ultimately increase the number of students who pursue careers in engineering or the technology/science fields, as well as give those individuals an early start to their post-secondary education. This seamless transition for students from high school to the college and university level will increase the likelihood of their success.

    In addition to the rigorous course-load in math, science and engineering, students in the academy will also understand the life of an engineer through shadowing opportunities and guest speakers. These experiences culminate senior year with an internship at an engineering firm in the local area. There is no doubt this is a unique and worthwhile endevour, one you’d be hard-pressed to find in a typical high school setting. If you are interested in the engineering or technical field and are seriously considering making it into a career please apply. We’re looking for enthusiastic, energetic, motivated and creative students like yourself interested in designing their future.

    Applications are due no later than January 27, 2017 and can be mailed or delivered to Wall High School. Please feel to contact me with any questions regarding the academy or engineering program as a whole.


    Mr. Daniel C. Leonard
    Director, Wall Pre-Engineering Academy

    Class of 2021 Engineering Academy Application
    Class of 2021 Engineering Academy Application Rubric
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    Class of 2021 Engineering Academy Qualifying Criteria
  • Dear Prospective Crimson College Students, Parents and Guardians:

    Thank you for considering the Crimson College Academy; a partnership through Brookdale Community College and the Wall Township School District. Before completing the application process, we suggest that you give careful consideration to the information outlined on this page to decide whether or not The Crimson College Academy is the right educational setting for you and your child.

    Crimson College is designed for students looking for a unique high school experience. The program follows a prescribed rigorous curriculum that enables students to earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree in four years by concurrently completing coursework offered by Brookdale Community College and Wall Township School District. In order to be considered for the program, several criterion will be weighed for each applicant. These criteria may include, but are not limited to, grades, placement test results, attendance and discipline records, as well as a student interview.

    Below is the course program of studies sequencing information which is subject to change.*

    Thank you for your interest in The Crimson College Academy.

    2017 Crimson College Academy Application
    Crimson College Academy – A.A. in Social Science
    Crimson College Academy – A.S. in Science
    Crimson College Presentation March 2017
  • Dear Prospective Service & Leadership Academy Students, Parents and Guardians:

    Thank you for considering the Wall High School Service & Leadership Academy. Students who enter this academy will be expected to complete a minimum of one-hundred community service hours per year. Student electives will be tailored towards our JROTC/NNDCC and Naval Science program with an additional focus on citizenship and community. Students will also have the opportunity to earn up to twelve college credits through the University of Louisiana at Monroe. However, this is not a requirement. What makes this academy unique, is that it is open to all students without a placement exam. This academy is recommended for students who are considering a career in public safety, public service, service science such as NASA, law, government, social services, education, clergy, or the military. If you are interested in the Wall Service and Leadership Academy please reach out to our NNDCC instructor, Mr. Frank Harrison, at fharrison@wall.k12.nj.us or (732) 556-2084. You may also contact your guidance counselor to enroll for the 2017-2018 school year. No application is required.

    Below is the course program of studies sequencing information which is subject to change*

    WHS Service and Leadership Academy Course Sequence

    Youth Leader - ULM
  • Welcome Families of the Class of 2021:

    At Wall High School, our mission is to provide meaningful educational experience and opportunities, thereby ensuring all students are prepared to become productive citizens, informed decision-makers, and life-long learners in a diverse and evolving society.

    It is our belief that students who participate in extracurricular activities will find their high school years all the more rewarding both socially and educationally. Participation will also increase their ability to accomplish our mission.

    Students who are involved develop an increased sense of belonging and provide an avenue for connection to the larger high school community while enhancing social skills. According to statistical data they tend to have higher grade point averages then their less involved peers. When students add a new interest to their high school experience, they learn how to prioritize and manage time. These are important skills needed for success in college and life. Extracurricular activities can also show students how class work applies to the “real world” outside of school. Many clubs are involved in fundraising and the education of others. Other clubs have a strong community service component that allows students to give back to the community. Through these activities, students discover the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Involvement in extracurricular activities also demonstrate that students have made a meaningful contribution and commitment to something larger than themselves.

    At Wall High School, we offer a variety of clubs and activities to meet the needs of all students. We encourage students to get involved and find their niche. These experiences give students the ability a make the most out of their high school experience and make every day “A Great Day to be a Knight.”

    Kristen Scott
    Assistant Principal

    Class of 2021 Student Life Video
    2016-2017 High School Clubs and Activities