Student Scheduling

Online Course Selection for 2017-2018

The Parent Portal  is open for online course selection.
This process is available to next year’s sophomore, junior, and senior students.

Wall High School is excited to offer parents and students the ability to select courses for next school year online!  This process will occur through the Genesis Parent Portal that is used for parents to view attendance, grades and report cards.

Step 1 – Preparing for Course Selection


Step 2 – Complete Online Course Selection (Feb 29-March 11)


When done selecting courses, be sure to click the ‘Submit’ button
to finalize and submit your requests.

Pressing Submit “signs” your requests and submits them to your guidance counselor.


(This is only a screenshot.  The actual Submit button is on the Requests screen within the Parent Portal.)


Step 3 – Guidance Counselor Review (March 14- March 24)

  • Guidance Counselors review online parent course requests and finalize all course requests.


Step 4 – Parents Review Final Schedule Requests Online (April 4)