Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Central School Community,
As you know, we had an issue with a heat detector in the attic that activated the fire alarm recently due to moisture. Our operations manager discovered that a clogged or malfunctioning condensate trap was allowing steam to vent into the attic. Repairs were done to rectify this situation. However, as a result of the steam, he also noticed mold growing on the underside of the roof in the attic. Once the source of the steam was addressed we were able to move forward to address the mold. The affected part of the attic is the ‘old’ section (south end of two story section of the building).
Fortunately, we were able to hire a licensed mold remediation contractor who agreed to work over the weekend to remediate the mold. Our environmental consultant evaluated the scope of the work and took a sample of the mold. The work to remediate was done on Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, and last night.
The mold that was identified is aspergillus/penicillium. This is a common type of mold that is also found in household dust and decaying leaves.
A visual inspection was conducted of all occupied areas of the second floor. There was no evidence of any mold condition in any of the spaces. Please be advised that we consulted with health department and we did air sample tests to identify the amount of airborne mold in various parts of the building. Filters were just replaced a week ago, however, we will replace them again as soon as the new ones arrive. There were elevated counts of aspergillus/penicillium in some areas as compared to the outdoor sample. In accordance with the recommendation from the health department we will continue to monitor the air samples and provide appropriate ventilation.