WTPS Monthly BOE Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 7:30PM in the Wall Intermediate School Cafeteria.


connollyAllison Connolly
Term: 1/1/2015-12/31/2017



zawodniakRobin Zawodniak
Vice President
Term: 1/1/2016-12/31/2018



Ralph Addonizio
Term: 1/1/2017-12/31/2019

Ernest Bongiovanni
Term: 1/1/2016-12/31/2018
brophy Eric Brophy
Term: 1/1/2017-12/31/2019
lynchRobin Lynch
Term: 1/1/2015-12/31/2017
mcarthurMichael McArthur
Term: 1/1/2016-12/31/2018
img_1144-2Dori Molloy
Term: 1/1/2017-12/31/2019
seidelJeffrey Seidel
Term: 11/15/2016-12/31/2017


Cheryl DyerCheryl Dyer
smythBrian Smyth
Board Secretary
Wall Township Board of Education Goals 2016-2017
Goal 1: Ensure the board receives training to enhance their role / performance. Suggested Actions:
  •  Receive training on special education, finance, governance, and the various planning cycles utilized by the district.
  •  Ensure that the work of committee meetings is effectively communicated to the full board via the circulation of minutes in a timely manner that allows for feedback prior to the work session of the BOE.

    Goal 2: Continue to work to ratify a WTEA contract that meets the needs of the district. Suggested Action:
  •  The negotiations team will continue to work towards this goal.

    Goal 3: The Board will work with the Superintendent to ensure that all students are academically challenged in ways that are aligned with their potential and interests. Suggested Action:
  • Provide budgetary tools to support district initiatives designed to enhance student achievement, improve the culture and climate of our schools, and improve the perception of the district by local stakeholders as well as outside agencies.

    Goal 4: Investigate and implement short and long term solutions for student transportation. Suggested Actions:
  • Continue to pursue re-zoning and sale of Barkalow property
  •  Research additional property that might be available for lease
  •  Refine possible plan to build a bus compound on 18th Ave/Bailey’s Corner property

    Goal 5: Complete an audit of Food Services and other select areas as determined by the Board.

    Goal 6: Research the Strategic Planning Process and lay the groundwork for the development of a strategic plan.